How to transection by paypal in Bangladesh in legal way
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How to transection by paypal in Bangladesh in legal way

What is Paypal?
Paypal a best payment method in the world which also supported all kind of platform at online world. But in Bangladesh we are getting so much problem to get the payment via paypal. That’s because paypal is not supported in Bangladesh. Even there were bunch more payment getaways in Bangladesh like Neteller, Payoneer, Skrill, Payza etc. But those all are closed recently. So, for now Bangladesh has not a good payment getaway to receive payment from clients. Freelancers are too much affected for those issues. Even the beginner freelancers also don’t get any way to get their payment from online.

Now I’m introducing the way of Paypal transection process in Bangladesh in legal way. Paypal actually direct not working in Bangladesh but they have another system which is reliable with the all kind of small countries like, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippine etc. Xoom, a paypal service which is supports all kind of small and big countries in the world. Xoom is directly connected to the local banks of Bangladesh also the other countries. This service can transfer the money from paypal account to any country’s local bank.

Transaction Process
Here I’ll describe step by step process of the paypal transection by Xoom in any Bangladeshi local bank. Now freelancers can show their clients directly the way to transfer payment from paypl to his local bank account. Anyone can get better support I hope from here.

First of all, there need to go to this url: and login by paypal.
which is another service of paypal for Bangladesh. You can open an account here and also can signin by using paypal account.

Paypal to Bangladesh Bank Transfer in Legal Way

I’ve used the singing in by Paypal. Now that will be logged in by paypal and the welcome screen. Where you can also find the way to start the transaction. To start do the payment there need to go to the Send Money tab and choose country from that tab and click on next.

Paypal to Bangladesh Bank Transfer in Legal Way

Now you will find the screen to put amount. Here you just add the amount and it also automatically show the converted amount to another field. Now after inputting the amount click continue.

Paypal to Bangladesh Bank Transfer in Legal Way

After continuing there will be find the option to choose how you want to pay. There is two option that is Bank deposit that transfer the money directly your bank account and the other one is cash pickup which is the money will directly come to your provided address. But I prefer the bank transfer because I think that is the safest way.

Paypal to Bangladesh Bank Transfer in Legal Way

Now there need to choose the option of the payment method. Where you want to send the money. There is 3 options here. First one is Direct Bank Account by that you need to provide your all the bank and account details. Second one is Credit Card. Which is provided by banks. There you need to add your card information just. Like Standard Chartered credit card or Lanka Bangla credit card. And the third one is Debit card which I think also prefer able for all. This card is Dutch Bangla Bank Card or and kind of banks normal transection cards.

After choosing the option from three there need to just continue.

Paypal to Bangladesh Bank Transfer in Legal Way

Now there will come an option which provide the select option of Bank of the selected country. Now select the bank from the dropdown and click continue to Payment.

Paypal to Bangladesh Bank Transfer in Legal Way

Now there will be found a form, where need to put all kind of information of banks and the recipient personal. As like as,

  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank Routing Number
  • Receiver First Name
  • Receiver Last Name
  • Receiver Address
  • Receiver District
  • Receiver Postal Code
  • Receiver Country
  • Receiver Email Address
  • Receiver Phone number
Paypal to Bangladesh Bank Transfer in Legal Way

Now I’ve provided there all kind of my information. From Bank and My personal also. There I got many people getting problem to find their routing number. So, that information you need to collect from your bank even from that branch where you have opened the account. That routing number also can be found on the check book. Different banks are provide that number in different position.

After providing all the details about bank and the receiver there need to do continue. Now you will find the option where you need to verify your address also with confirming the phone number verification.

If you have already verified as paypal user that screen will automatically go to next on clicking continue button. After confirming the account holder details the payment will be processed done and the payment will be transferred within 2 – 4 business days.

So, that is the information that I’ve shared from my own experience. I’ve done that process my self and got the payment successfully. Hope that will also help you to transection with paypal in Bangladesh.


Paypal to Bangladesh Bank Transfer in Legal Way Thank you

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  • Anamul bin Burhan
    June 19, 2019, 4:00 pm REPLY

    Thank you so much Bro.

  • Jyoti
    July 25, 2019, 1:29 pm REPLY

    Nice article, but i think Xoom is not like paypal.

    • Monirul Islam@Jyoti
      October 15, 2019, 10:45 am REPLY

      Yes, Xoom is not like paypal. It’s just a platform to transfer the paypal money all over the world.

  • MAS Ashikur Rahman Hridoy
    April 22, 2020, 3:10 pm REPLY

    thanks bro

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